Complete Embossing Starter Kit

Complete Embossing Starter Kit

Complete Embossing Starter Kit

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Complete Embossing Starter Kit

  • Designed for DIY creation, the combination of embossed pen and embossing powder makes the text appear three-dimensional on paper.
  • A great starter kit for the beginner or addition of embossing powders for the experienced card maker. Add to your craft kit and impress your friends with professional result.

Main Features

  • Embossing Powders
    20ML/10g embossing shimmer powders. Colors include blue, red, silver, gold, bronze, black, purple, yellow, green. All colors are glittery which adds more shimmer to your embossing projects.
  • Embossing Pen
    Clear embossing pen. Pen contains a specially formulated ink that stays wet on paper, providing the tack needed to attract and retain embossing powders until they are cured with heat(Heat with hot air blower or electric hair dryer). This pen is detachable for adding ink.
  • Embossing Starter Kit
    This is the perfect embossing starter set for any artist. It includes the embossing powders and embossing pen that you need to get started.
  • Widely Application
    Perfect for scrapbooking, rubber stamping, paper crafting, and even altered arts.


How To Use

1. Take your embossing marker pen and write your word or phrase on your piece of paper

2. Dump your embossing powder overtop of your word ( don’t worry about using to much powder because it will go back in your jar afterwards)

3. Depending on your paper – if it’s not super flexible you can grab something like printer paper to put underneath and shake off the excess powder to then put back into your jar.

4. If you notice there is remnants of powder you can go through with your finger or a paint brush to clean it up.

5. Turn on your heat gun and go overtop of your writing.  Don’t stay too long on each part as it might burn too much which will then cause bubbles. 

6. Make sure not to touch it until it has fully dried!


    Product Weight
    • 27G
    Embossing Powder Colors Blue, red, silver, gold, bronze, black, purple, yellow, green
    Package Contents
    • Embossing Powders × 1 or Double-ended floating pen × 1 or Replenish ink × 1


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