Triangle iron moving pulley moving tool

Triangle iron moving pulley moving tool

Triangle iron moving pulley moving tool

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Triangle iron moving pulley moving tool


Want to rearrange and design your home space but have too much bulky furniture? 
Want to clean the corners under bulky furniture? 

When moving large furniture is not good to move? 

Now use the Pulley Moving Tool, which allows you to move up to 300KG of furniture all by yourself!  


Product description
  • Easily move 300KG furniture, very labor-saving

In moving or moving heavy objects, it is difficult to move alone, because laborious and troublesome. This product solves the problem of difficult to move heavy objects independently. Even a child in middle school can easily move 300KG of furniture.

  • 360 degree moving universal wheel timesaver

360° flexible rotation, save time and effort when carrying heavy objects. It is very difficult to move heavy objects in corners or narrow positions, that more difficult to turn. Our product is universal wheel, which can move easily from all angles, Save more effort and shorten the time of carrying heavy objects.

  • Low noise, fast movement

Our universal wheel has a large bearing area and a solid bearing structure. It moves lightly and can carry heavy objects and furniture only by making the sound of the wheel gently rolling on the ground. Even on uneven ground, only a small sound will be made quickly, easily and safely to move the device.

  • All parts are excellent
  1. ABS gold casters: Two independent bearings on one wheel, full and powerful with greater force, good toughness, wear resistance and not easy to deformation. The wheels are larger than their counterparts on the market, making it easier and safer to move.
  2. Neat universal wheel wave bead: Achieve 360° random balanced rotation, Swivel casters roll smoothly with heavy loads.
  3. Triangular steel frame: Solid stamped steel structure provides top durability.
  4. Solid screw: Not easy to deform under heavy pressure.
  5. Frosted black surface: Dusted surface, high corrosion resistance, not easy to scratch.
  6. Thickened anti-slip pad: upgrade thickened anti-slip pad, anti-slip and anti-fall off, safer and more assured.
    • Meet the needs of moving quality design

    Two independent bearings on one wheel, to strengthen the load-bearing capacity, better handling of heavy objects. The center of the depression allows the movement of objects with legs, and the mat surface prevents damage. These mobile carts are equipped with three 1-inch rotating plastic casters to facilitate the movement of large and heavy loads. Cushions for better grip and protection of furniture.

    • Two styles to choose, suitable for a variety of items

    Contains balance pad: make the whole moving device into a flat state, suitable for handling contact surface is flat items

    No balance pad: more suitable for carrying items with table legs.


    1. Safety and high efficient triangle iron mover shorten the time for moving heavy objects.
    2. Triangle iron mover with universal wheels made of steel material, lightweight and easy to operate and control.
    3. Solid stamped steel structure provides top durability, foam tray provides furniture protection.
    4. Swivel casters roll smoothly with heavy loads.
    5. Suitable for hardwood floors, laminates and carpets, easy to redesign and rearrange living spaces.


      Anti skid pad length: 3.35inch Wheel

      Size: LxH: 6.23X2.36 inch

      Inner diameter of ring: 2.65inch

      Opposite diameter: 4.92inch

      Material: ABS caster+Iron Weight: 6.6lb(3kg)

      Color: Black Load

      Capacity: 1100 lb(500kg)

      Full Package Kit: 1 x Tri-Dolly


      Kind Reminder

      Make sure the equipment is stable on the tri-dolly. Please keep 3 support points evenly stressed


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